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  • Gregorie Daigwin

    Wields one of the swords of his family, which he recently recovered in his quests on the continent of Melahdrus, "The Immortal Blade":https://duplicity-of-worlds.obsidianportal.com/wikis/artifact-the-immortal-blade-dagwin-heirloom

  • Zhou Ning

    The obligatory mysterious traveler from a mysterious land. If he does really well, Koei might pick him up for the next Insertasianwordhere Warriors game. He wields two blades, and his own kind of common sense. Most would call it social ineptitude. …

  • Garek

    Garek was one of the primary members of "The Avengers" before his desire for gnoll hunting outweighed his interest in questing after the "Demon-Knight":https://duplicity-of-worlds.obsidianportal.com/characters/the-demon-knight. He joined the adventuring …

  • Ekemeon

    Ekemeon is a tiefling mage in his late 20s, short and skinny (5’4”, 140 lbs), with dark purplish red hair with a skin tone that nearly matches. He bears a long scar down the left side of his face and his back is covered in healed welts from wounds left by …