Duplicity of Worlds

Quest: The Demon-Knight

Quest Update

Current Status

The PCs are currently attempting to recover the components of The Demon-Knight’s Staff, which they believe will grant them access to the upper levers of The Demon-Knight’s Tower.

They are working with Horvis Vethewin (and his Patron) to recover the pieces of the Staff and have currently acquired all but one of them. The staff is composed of the following pieces.

- A long pole
- A white-gold orb
- Two deep black gems (one of which the PCs have recently found)

The Demon-Knight’s Tower

The Tower is located at the center of a lake protected by a giant tentacled beast of some manner. The tower had no entrances or windows and appeared to be magically warded against physical and magical tampering.

The PCs were able to discover a secret entrance to the Tower through a series of underground passages leading under the lake, but were unable to advance into the upper levels of the Tower without The Demon-Knight’s Staff.



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