Duplicity of Worlds

Quest: The Gnoll Attacks

Quest Update

The Gnolls

The PCs have been contracted by the Merchant’s Guild within Shoreston to clear up travel along the roads from Shoreston. There have been an increased number of Gnoll sightings and attacks (specific to Merchant shipments) along the roads through and near the Southern Forests. The PCs have since eradicated two Gnoll tribes and uncovered a band of powerful figures behind them known as “The Masters”

The Masters

The PCs have encountered “The Masters” on two occasions now.
- They first stumbled across a ritual being performed in a chamber under a gnoll camp deep in the swamp. The Masters fled the scene, leaving behind a number of acolytes of the Serpent-God “Ahn Narthee” to deal with the players (unsuccessfully).
- The Players then encountered The Masters when lured to a remote outpost within the Southern Forest. The Masters showed themselves and attacked the players. The combat was disrupted by a ‘Psychic Event’, which left most of both parties unconscious. Each side retreated.



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