Duplicity of Worlds

Quest Update: The Strange Undead

Quest Update

A certain Probban Frass (detailed in the NPCs section) requested the PCs track down the mate of the white dragon that made its lair by Northaven and recover smithing materials. Upon arrival at the dwarf’s camp, the PCs identified that he was actually undead, but appeared to be somewhat unaware of his condition.

The PCs tracked down the white dragon’s mate and slew it, returning with its corpse to Probban’s camp, where he savagely attacked them. From a plot of turned earth, the corpse of the previous white dragon (and those of several dwarves) emerged. The group drove the life again from their lifeless bodies, returning them to the earth.

As before, the incorporeal forms of the creatures emerged from their mortal shells and assaulted the group. With some well-managed diplomacy Sigaurd was able to convince the ghostly form of the old white dragon that Probban was at fault ans she turned on him, fleeing the scene after the confrontation ended.



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