Clad in black and shrouded in a threadbare gray robe, Ekemeon disappears into the shadows easily, save for a broad white smile of pointed, glimmering teeth. Hey, where's my wallet?


Character sheet at: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4247425/Ekemon_CharacterSheet.pdf


Ekemeon is a tiefling mage in his late 20s, short and skinny (5’4”, 140 lbs), with dark purplish red hair with a skin tone that nearly matches. He bears a long scar down the left side of his face and his back is covered in healed welts from wounds left by repeated whippings. With long, gnarled horns, deeply sunk eyes of gold, and a malformed stumpy tail, he stands out in a crowd. He is clad in what appears to be relatively simple black leather travelers’ clothes and protected from the rains by a tattered and threadbare grey cloak. Despite his fearsome appearance, he is a kindly soul, especially to children, and is gregarious and outgoing. However don’t ever tease him about his height. He is extremely sensitive to any comments about his height.


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