Duplicity of Worlds

Quest Update: The Strange Undead
Quest Update

A certain Probban Frass (detailed in the NPCs section) requested the PCs track down the mate of the white dragon that made its lair by Northaven and recover smithing materials. Upon arrival at the dwarf’s camp, the PCs identified that he was actually undead, but appeared to be somewhat unaware of his condition.

The PCs tracked down the white dragon’s mate and slew it, returning with its corpse to Probban’s camp, where he savagely attacked them. From a plot of turned earth, the corpse of the previous white dragon (and those of several dwarves) emerged. The group drove the life again from their lifeless bodies, returning them to the earth.

As before, the incorporeal forms of the creatures emerged from their mortal shells and assaulted the group. With some well-managed diplomacy Sigaurd was able to convince the ghostly form of the old white dragon that Probban was at fault ans she turned on him, fleeing the scene after the confrontation ended.

Quest: The Psychic Events
Quest Update

Over the last several months, the world has been rocked by a strange phenomenon: waves of unconsciousness engulf the entirety of the known world, rendering all sentient creatures unconscious. These ‘Psychic Events’ have no warning and occur at random times. They are consistently followed by turbulent storms sweeping in at high speeds from the East a few minutes after the Event subsides and creatures begin to regain consciousness.

For some unknown reason, several members of the PCs are immune to the unconsciousness. They are warned with swiftly-building headaches that break at the moment of the Psychic Event.

The PCs have recently found out that there are other creatures that are immune to the Psychic Events.

Quest: The Wrath of the Sea
Quest Update

The Eastern ocean has been extremely turbulent of late and no one has been able to attribute a cause. Shipping to and from Melahdrus has all but stopped. This phenominon has been occurring for several weeks now.

Quest: The Strange Undead
Quest Update

Within the Northern Forest (and in Narthaven), the PCs have run into an odd form of undead monstrosity. Creatures animated in this fashion have both a corporeal and incorporeal version of themselves animated. Their physical forms seem to be somewhat under the control of their ghostly ones, the latter of which retain the memories and experiences of their former lives.

The players first encountered these undead within the town of Northaven, desolated by the white dragons living within the six peaks.

The players next encountered a pack of undead trolls, animated in similar fashion, in the Northern Forest (south of the Six Peaks), when questing for the first gem of the Demon-Knight’s staff.

Quest: The Gnoll Attacks
Quest Update

The Gnolls

The PCs have been contracted by the Merchant’s Guild within Shoreston to clear up travel along the roads from Shoreston. There have been an increased number of Gnoll sightings and attacks (specific to Merchant shipments) along the roads through and near the Southern Forests. The PCs have since eradicated two Gnoll tribes and uncovered a band of powerful figures behind them known as “The Masters”

The Masters

The PCs have encountered “The Masters” on two occasions now.
- They first stumbled across a ritual being performed in a chamber under a gnoll camp deep in the swamp. The Masters fled the scene, leaving behind a number of acolytes of the Serpent-God “Ahn Narthee” to deal with the players (unsuccessfully).
- The Players then encountered The Masters when lured to a remote outpost within the Southern Forest. The Masters showed themselves and attacked the players. The combat was disrupted by a ‘Psychic Event’, which left most of both parties unconscious. Each side retreated.

Quest: The Demon-Knight
Quest Update

Current Status

The PCs are currently attempting to recover the components of The Demon-Knight’s Staff, which they believe will grant them access to the upper levers of The Demon-Knight’s Tower.

They are working with Horvis Vethewin (and his Patron) to recover the pieces of the Staff and have currently acquired all but one of them. The staff is composed of the following pieces.

- A long pole
- A white-gold orb
- Two deep black gems (one of which the PCs have recently found)

The Demon-Knight’s Tower

The Tower is located at the center of a lake protected by a giant tentacled beast of some manner. The tower had no entrances or windows and appeared to be magically warded against physical and magical tampering.

The PCs were able to discover a secret entrance to the Tower through a series of underground passages leading under the lake, but were unable to advance into the upper levels of the Tower without The Demon-Knight’s Staff.

Quest: The Oracle
Quest Update

“The Oracle” is a being rumored to exist somewhere in the Northern Mountains near Ironforge and Northaven. It is believed to reside within a cave stop one of the Six Peaks aurrounding Northaven, though no one official source has confirmed this.


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